Capturing Culture, Creating Stories

photo of francisco
behind the work

Hailing from the vibrant tapestry of Colombia, my photography is a celebration of the colorful and joyful spirit ingrained in its culture. Raised amidst music and festive traditions, I infuse each image with a narrative that transcends mere visual representation. Embracing the constant movement of New York City, my work reflects the dynamism of this evolving metropolis.

from colombia to nueva york


Approaching commercial and fashion projects with strategic precision, I meticulously align each shoot with the brand's objectives. My process begins with a clear understanding of the client's goals, navigating a cost-effective path without compromising quality or creativity. Through clear communication and precise execution, I deliver results that not only capture moments but also contribute meaningfully to the success of brands.

My photography is more than a visual art; it's a storytelling journey that harmonizes cultural richness, strategic insight, and a deep passion for creating compelling narratives.